We are Edenworks and we grow delicious leafy greens and fish inside cities. Why both leafy greens and fish? Because they’re buddies. Our fish generate manure which is naturally broken down by a microbiome of soil bacteria into the nutrients that our vegetables need. The vegetables filter the water as they grow. This system is called aquaponics, it’s been around since the Aztec, and it’s glorious.

Let’s talk about how we got here. We started in 2013 with a few questions.

  • What with all the science these days, why is it so hard to get great tasting vegetables? Side note, if you’re the kind of person who thinks current veggie options taste “fine,” we respectfully disagree. With vigor.

  • What if food could be grown in cities, not just consumed in cities?

  • What if instead of turning farms into factories we turned factories into farms?

So we built a pilot farm in Brooklyn and started experimenting. Fast forward to 2017, we’ve learned that these questions are deeply connected.

It’s hard to get great vegetables because they’re grown too far from where they’re eaten. Freshness makes all the difference when it comes to taste. Leafy greens take a week to travel from the West Coast to the East Coast. That’s half the shelf life of leafy greens, and their nutrient density and flavor decline every hour after harvest. By moving production closer to consumption, Edenworks gets leafy greens on shelves the day after we harvest. Nobody, anywhere in the world, has that kind of fresh. Unless you grow your own vegetables. In that case, you’re next level and you know it.

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Growing closer also means growing tastier varieties and no pesticides. The types of vegetables that are grown on the West Coast and shipped to the East Coast aren’t selected for deliciousness, they’re selected for travel hardiness. On top of that, current farming methods rely on pumping plants full of fertilizers and pesticides to make them grow, but not the micronutrients that make them tasty. If you want greens that are so good you don’t need dressing, then those plants need micronutrients. The fullest spectrum of micronutrients come from healthy ecosystems, not bottled fertilizer.

We grow complete ecosystems inside cities so everyone can enjoy next level freshness. What does that look like? Well, it kinda looks like Planet Earth and Willy Wonka had a baby. Happy fish swim. Hungry soil bacteria bubble, turning fish waste into plant food. Plants move upways and sideways, longways and frontways, on their way from seed to pristine greens. More importantly, if everyone stands still inside our farm and gets real quiet, the whole place sounds like a rainforest jacuzzi.

Real talk. Food is immensely complex. There’s an endless loop linking farming, diet, health, and climate change. Edenworks is confronting that challenge head on with a new model for farming: indoor ecosystems that grow delicious and healthy food while taking pressure off of nature. Our belief is that by harnessing nature’s complexity in our farms we can share in its abundance. If you share this vision, our call to you is to vote with your forks.