Plant scientist

New York, NY


Edenworks is seeking a plant scientist skilled in image analysis, computer vision, or automated phenotyping to join our agriculture and manufacturing R&D (AMRD) team. AMRD is a multidisciplinary team of biologists, mechanical engineers, and data scientists that develops tools, processes, and specifications for the ecosystems in which we grow.

You will learn from and support farm operations through a tight feedback loop. You will bring vision and technical leadership to blank-page R&D. Your work, once proven, will be operationalized and productized by our world-class software, horticulture, and operations teams, leaving you free to focus on the frontier, high risk R&D work that you love.

This role will fundamentally advance the field of plant science while delivering actionable innovation at a company reinventing America’s fresh produce supply chain.


Operational support:

  • Initiating and running experiments to specify growing recipes.

  • Consulting with operations and horticulture teams to specify strategies, practices, and setpoints for plant production.

  • Providing boots-on-the-ground support for identifying, diagnosing, and rectifying plant disease or issues with quality and yield.

Long-term R&D:

  • Leading the development of Edenworks’ plant information and decision support systems.

  • Building imaging- and modeling-based plant data science workflows and prototypes to classify, characterize, and improve plant phenotypes and KPIs.

  • Initiating and running various R&D projects that support the design, testing, and continual improvement of our plant cultivation, handling, and processing systems.

  • Proposing and participating in R&D collaborations both inside and outside the company.

  • Articulating how plant data gets integrated into Edenworks’ manufacturing, operations, and production planning systems.

  • Defining standards, frameworks, and tools for how R&D is done at Edenworks.

Basic qualifications

  • Undergraduate degree (BS) in natural or computer science.

  • Life science laboratory experience.

  • Practical knowledge of plant pathology and physiology.

  • Experience managing high risk R&D projects.

  • Command of Python, Mathematica, R, or other high level programming language.

Preferred skills + experience

  • Graduate degree (MS/PhD) in plant sciences and/or data sciences.

  • 4+ years technical experience that can be brought to bear on plant image analysis.

  • Professional or graduate research experience in biology: plant physiology, plant pathology, plant metabolism, plant phenotyping, plant biochemistry, or plant morphology.

  • Professional or graduate research experience in data science: plant image analysis, machine learning, computer vision, mathematical modeling, scientific computing, or remote sensing.

  • Bonus areas: soilless culture, plant propagation, plant-microbe interactions, root biology, precision agriculture, controlled environment agriculture, IPM, breeding, genetics, 3D imaging, hyperspectral imaging, reinforcement learning, unsupervised learning, data augmentation, experimental design.